What are Essential Services for Owners Corporations?

During these difficult times, Owners Corporations will be relying more than ever, on the essential services being provided to our industry.

Strata Community Association (Vic) is defining an essential service as

  • Any entity or occupation involved in the supply of electricity, gas, water, wastewater (sanitation), or
  • Any entity or occupation involved in building and construction required immediately to maintain human health and safety at home or work.

These services, described below, paid for by Lot Owner’s levy, are essential to the ongoing safety and welfare of people living in or owning a strata titled lot. In order to minimise the impacts of COVID-19, we should treat the following as urgent and essential public services until or unless advised otherwise:

  • Insurance
  • Management (Owners Corporation Manager)
  • Building Manager / Security / Concierge
  • Waste Collection Services
  • Cleaning & Caretaking Services (including disinfectant cleans)
  • ESM – Fire Safety Inspections and Servicing
  • Utilities – Common Power, Water and Gas
  • Lift Maintenance and Servicing
  • Garage Door Maintenance and Services
  • Pump Servicing
  • Bulk Hot Water System Servicing
  • Gutter Cleaning (Especially coming into Autumn & Winter)
  • Sewer Cleaning
  • Any Other General Maintenance or Servicing
  • Emergency Works – burst pipes, weather and accidental damage, roof repairs, hot water system replacement/repairs

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