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Some Companies have already made the decision to defer Annual General Meetings (AGM) or move to online technology to conduct meetings, although may be doing so with some risk. As the number of cases of coronavirus increases across the country, and as Government advises more details on social distancing, each Owners Corporations will need to consider whether there are risk factors which would lend themselves to a cancellation or a postponement of an AGM, such as;

  • Demographics and vulnerability of the attendees
  • The presence of confirmed or presumptive cases of coronavirus in the community
  • The ability to arrange for social distancing in the venue of choice
  • The expected volume of attendees at the AGM

When it is all said and done, some meetings may be considered a low risk and you may decide to proceed as planned. If so then your risk management should start with a COVID-19 Notice to be included in the meeting pack and for display at the meeting venue.

2020 Covid-19 Meeting Procedures


If you have:

  1. any symptoms – if you are at all unwell – please do not attend the meeting.
  2. travelled overseas in the last fortnight and/or been in contact with anyone who has, please do not attend the meeting.
  3. been in contact with anyone who has contracted the virus please do not attend the meeting. Instead, please attend by proxy or by electronic means (where this is possible – more on this below).

Before the Meeting:  All attendees are requested to thoroughly wash their hands.


  1. Everyone must fully and carefully wash their hands with the sanitizer when they register for the meeting.
  2. Absolutely No Handshakes!  Please use elbow or forearm bumps or just smile & nod.
  3. No sharing of pens or documents or anything else at the meeting.
  4. Where possible:  Keep one empty chair or more between attendees.
  5. The chair may adjourn the meeting at any time if the chair has any concern for the health of the attendees of the meeting.

We reserve the right to postpone the meeting at any time, if we see any potential health concerns for owners attending the meeting. Dependent upon all the circumstances, if the meeting has been adjourned, we may investigate the possibility of holding the meeting by “skype” or similar platform – thereby allowing all owners to attend online.   If arranged, we will provide notice of such to all owners.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



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