Stephen Pinch

Founder, Director & Owners Corporation Manager

Tideways’ founder Stephen Pinch has carried a strong business philosophy of offering exceptional customer service throughout his career. This philosophy has become the cornerstone of his success. Stephen began his career as an accountant before entering the clothing industry where he stayed for 25 years.  In 2008 he made a major shift in career into the Owners Corporation industry where he saw the opportunity for significant change and growth. He launched the now reputable and successful business, Tideways. Stephen takes great pride in bringing the Directors, staff and stakeholders along on Tideways’ journey of success. Stephen is a proud family man with his wife of 40 years and their three daughters and their partners. The next generation has grown to also include two adorable grandchildren. As a keen golfer he is eager to keep chipping away at his handicap when he can.

0417 828 628

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