Keys / Remotes / Fobs

How do I order an additional remote, fob or key?

We have an online order form available by clicking

For further information regarding remotes, keys or fobs please email

How much does an additional key, fob or remote cost?

There is no set price due to the make and supplier for your building. Please complete the online form for us to forward a quote. Alternatively, email

Please note that most orders will incur a processing fee of $22 and a postage fee of $15.

How do I collect my additional key, fob or remote?

You have two delivery options available to you for collection of additional keys, fobs or remotes:

Option 1: Registered Post – this incurs a fee of $15

Option 2: Once payment has been completed and a confirmation of the bank deposit has been provided, you can collect your new fob or remote from our office at:

Suite 1, Level 3 521, Toorak Rd, Toorak VIC 3142.


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