COVID Update July 2020

Apartment Living and COVID 19 in Victoria

Victorian’s are now back into Stage 3 "Stay at Home" restrictions.

Staying safe is our priority and although not ideal, going back to Stage 3 restrictions will help to minimise the risk of further spread of the virus.

Strata Community Association (Victoria) have provided valuable information for those living and managing apartment buildings. Along with information provided by the state and federal governments, there should be minimal confusion as to everyone’s personal responsibility in ensuring the spread of the virus is stopped.

SCAV have released the following update explaining how specific guidelines for strata communities are being developed through the DHHS. These guidance materials will speak to our OC Communities to provide clear directives on how the Government enacted restrictions and protocols impact those living with shared communal areas and facilities.

There are also many resources available through the SCAV website.

SCAV Guide for Committees provides a comprehensive coverage of the responsibilities and recommendations for OC committees to keep their buildings safe. This includes answers to the following questions:

  • Can we ask residents to disclose to the OC if they are self-quarantined or infected?
  • What should we do if we are advised that someone is self-isolating or has contracted the infection?
  • What should we do about complaints?
  • How many people can visit each apartment?
  • How many people can use the lift at any given time?
  • Can we re-open our shared facilities such as the pool, spa, gymnasium?
  • Can we now use our garden and bbq facilities?
  • Can we now hold our Annual General Meeting face to face?
  • This is an excellent resource for those living and working in strata.

A comprehensive list of Government Updates can also be found here.

Taking advantage of the information available to avoid any confusion will see appropriate precautions are taken as we work together as a community to stay safe.


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