COVID 19 Update from Tideways

There is an abundance of information, and even more misinformation, about the COVID-19 pandemic. We recommend you monitor the Federal Government’s updates as they are released to develop an accurate picture of the progress of the virus and your response to this.

Stage 3 Restrictions in force as of Midnight 30 March 2020

Stage 3 restrictions are now in place for Victoria and impose new rules on public gatherings and the enforcement of people staying home. Click here for the statement released by the Premier on March 30. These restrictions will be reviewed again in four weeks.

According to State and Federal Governments, there are only four reasons to leave your home: food and supplies, medical care, exercise and work or education. This will continue to put enormous pressure on people living in strata and the suppliers who service our buildings.

Government Assistance Packages

As we deal with this health crisis, we know that for many Victorians it is also becoming an economic crisis. Many businesses have lost customers, and our fellow Victorians are losing their jobs. We are trying to keep up to date on the various support packages the Government is now offering:

Job Keeper Package
The Federal Government announced an unprecedented 6 month Job Keeper Package, back dated to 30 March. This is definitely going to be a lifeline for many businesses and security that some people are able to keep their job through these tough times.

Economic Survival Package
The Victorian Government has further established an Economic Survival Package to support Victorian Businesses and workers through this devastating time.

Homes and Housing
Consumer Affairs Victoria has set out rights and responsibilities relating to homes and housing. The Federal government has also advised that there has been an agreed moratorium on evictions for the next six months for residential and commercial tenants who are experiencing financial distress due to the impact of COVID-19. This will apply across all states and territories. 


VCAT is keeping Owners Corporations and stakeholders up to date on developments through its website and Twitter Public health at VCAT: Coronavirus.
VCAT will also be aiming to re-commence fee recovery hearings in the next week or so, with parties being advised as soon as practicable. 


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