COVID-19 Update from Tideways 25 March 2020

These are unprecedented times with the impact of the Corona Virus changing daily. At Tideways we are staying up to date with information from state and national government bodies as well as receiving guidance from our own industry body, Strata Community Association.

The Victorian Government made the following statement on 23 March after the National Cabinet decided to go into Stage 1 shutdown of non-essential activity across Australia.

This focus of non-essential services includes activities which allow people to gather in large groups including restaurants, pubs, clubs, pools, cafes, cinemas and entertainment venues which are now closed. The intention behind the Premier’s announcement was to separate and control when and why people congregate. These restrictions must also take into account common areas of owners corporations including pools, gyms and meeting rooms.

Daily updates on COVID-19 from the Victorian Government can be found on the Department of Health and Human Services website.

With one in four of our population living or working in an Owners Corporation it is important we understand the unique responsibilities of living in a shared community and are well-informed of the responsibilities of each one of us during this crisis.

Tideways are working with individual owners corporations to implement changes to keep all residents informed and as safe as possible. We are working with committees to implement new policies to help manage this crisis. Check Committees and Managing Buildings. Strata Community Association (SCA) has also issued a comprehensive Guide For Committees in managing their communities during this crisis and a Guide for Residences. Both contain essential information for anyone living in an owners corporation.

Extra resources can be found below.

COVID-19 Resources

Government Resources

Owners Corporation Resources


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